Season One.

Episode 6 - #fixtheinternet

When Claire is told to “watch her tone” by a man on the internet, she spirals into a rage. Meanwhile, Esther is being sent death threats for her review of a Batman video game.

Episode 4 - #basicbrawl

Gemma competes with her nemesis, Cici Delacroix-Smith, to win a book deal for her blog, A Dash of Vanilla.

Episode 2 - #faceyourfears

The gang needs to write a tweet to promote Lavender Dew athletic and brunch apparel. Reece teaches Gemma how to poop at work.

Pilot - #manilameltdown, part 1

Episode 5 -  #allhistorymonth

The gang tries to solve racism when the company asks them to promote “All History Month”.

Episode 3 - #savetheturtles

When Reece accidentally donates all his savings to a clicker charity, the team tries to figure out a way to get his money back, even if it means taking it away from the turtles.

Episode 1 - #December6

The team is asked to write a December6 commemorative tweet sponsored by “wheat flakes”, and the moral ambiguity leads to a fight between Claire and Cody. Meanwhile, Esther helps Gemma redesign her website “A Dash of Vanilla”.

#manilameltdown, part 2